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we are super friendly, authentic humans who work hard for our clients.

We don't just design, develop, market, and code - we're like your personal squad of tech superheroes, with laptops instead of capes.

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Meet The Core Team

Now, let's introduce you to the faces behind the magic. We've got a diverse group of people here at Liveupx, each with their own unique skills and personalities. From coding wizards to design gurus to marketing geniuses, we've got it all. But the one thing we all have in common is our love for creating awesome things.

Mohit Chaprana


Koshinder Singh

Prince, SMM at Liveupx

Prince Chauhan

SMM Manager
Hardik Kumar S.

Hardik Kumar S.

Marketing Strategist
HR Anushka

Anushka A.

Human Resource Manager

Satyam P.

Design Head
Aakash, CMO at Liveupx

Aakash T.

Business Analyst
Liveupx - Making Brands Shine

Madhur K.

Social Media Marketer
Liveupx - Making Brands Shine

Hritik H.

Shrishti T - Team Liveupx

Shrishti T.

SEO Head
Our Team

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