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Welcome to Liveupx!

Process of web designing & app development at liveupx pvt. Ltd. for the use of Liveupx Private Limited's Website, located at or

Step:1 Talk to the client/customer.

One of Liveupx's sales/support executive contact the client and have a meeting.

Step:2 Understanding requirement

An in-depth understanding of client’s need is the foundation of creating a web design that serves the purpose right. Our team spends time in knowing more about your requirement, at the start of the process.

Step:3 Defining project

Next comes the stage of defining project based on the inputs received from client, results to be achieved, target audience, and existing competition in market.

Step:4 Send a draft proposal with estimate to the client

Client will receive an official email from Liveupx with a proposal & estimate attached to it.

Step:5 Send an invoice & upfront payment

Client will receive an official email from Liveupx with a final invoice attached and a payment link to make upfront/advance payment i.e. 25% of the project value.

Step:6 Share workspace portal

Client will receive an official email from Liveupx with their workspace portal login details and a password reset link.

(What is Work Space Portal? It is a Liveupx CRM where the client can see the progress, tasks, upload files, raise tickets, schedule meetings, etc. with team Liveupx).

Step:7 Creating wireframe

Wireframe creation is an integral part of website designing, which can’t be overlooked at any point in time. Our creative minds work together to prepare a wireframe that will be right for your business.

Step:8 Designing initial concept

The wireframe is given the form of a real design. The initial concept is to get an idea of how the final design would come out to be.

Step:9 Asking for client review and feedback

When done with initial concept design, we share the creation with the client seeking their review and feedback. Any changes suggested by the client are implemented at this stage.

Step:10 Testing and delivery

The final design undergoes multiple testing phases to ensure theres no flaw and it delivers an awesome user-interaction experience. After testing, the design is rolled-out.

Step:11 15-days free maintenance

Our service doesn’t end at the delivery of website design. The team offers 15-days free maintenance so that any issue with the website is taken care of immediately, and the experience delivered to your visitors is smooth.

(NOTE: This 15 days maintenance period will start from the day when the client asks for changes.)

Note: All Project Payments Will be Done in Milestones:

  • 25% - Advance/Upfront (For some projects asked the client for 50% upfront payment)
  • 25% - When Liveupx shows progress to the client.
  • 25% - Just after finalizing the changes clients have asked.

  • When the client asked for the revision (Note: Only 2 revisions will be done for free, so a list of change must be given to the Liveupx team at once)
  • 25% - And final payment when we deliver the app to you.


NOTE: NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO REMOVE FOOTER CREDITS i.e. "Design by Liveup" "Powered by Liveupx" or "Developed by Liveupx",WITHOUT A WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM LIVEUPX.

Thank You.

Best Regards.

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